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Empowering Youth Through ELC

Promoting Voter Awareness and Civic Engagement in Maharashtra's Democratic Landscape

A cornerstone of the collaborative efforts between Worship Earth Foundation and the Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra is the implementation of Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELCs). These clubs serve as vital hubs for advancing voter awareness, registration, and participation, particularly among the youth demographic. Through ELCs, a spectrum of activities including workshops, meetings, and voter registration campaigns is orchestrated to educate and empower individuals aged 18 to 29. By leveraging the dynamism and passion of the youth, ELCs play an instrumental role in nurturing democratic values and civic engagement throughout Maharashtra. Their collective endeavors aim to cultivate a generation of enlightened and active citizens who actively contribute to shaping the democratic landscape of both the state and the nation.

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Empowering individuals for active democratic engagement, fostering inclusive participation, and shaping a future where every voice is valued in a vibrant democracy. We strive to cultivate a culture of civic responsibility, where informed decision-making and collective action drive positive change. Our vision is to build a society where diversity is celebrated, democratic principles are upheld, and all members contribute to a more equitable and just world.


Our mission is to educate and empower individuals for active participation in democracy, fostering a culture of civic responsibility and engagement. Through initiatives like Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELC) and voter registration drives, we equip youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and advocate for change. We collaborate with stakeholders to build inclusive platforms that promote transparency, integrity, and accountability in the electoral process.
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The societal culture that we’re passing on to gen next is certainly due for social as well as civic betterment. Let’s do our bit.

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Hundreds of initiatives, fundraising events, awareness and public education programmes, and frequent social drives – the summary and recognition of our work so far.


Our organisation has been the initiator of several socio-economic drives that have had a great outcome.


We frequently conduct events, fundraisers and awareness programmes to encourage people for donations.


Our team has been rewarded with many awards and recognitions that speak of our work and appreciate the effort that we take.

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