Amrapalli Chavan

Management Team (On Field)

About Me:

Education & Training

Ms Amrapali Chavan, survivor of the German Bakery bomb blast, is a born fighter. Struggle is something which is not new to her.She is a very determined girl who pursued her dreams relentlessly despite many obstacles. On the evening of 13th February 2010, she happened to be at the popular eatery for a cup of coffee with a friend, when the bomb blast happened, killing and severely injuring 80+ people in all.

The blast was totally unexpected and left the whole city shaken. She is the only survivor among the 18 people inside the German Bakery on that fateful day. Due to shock and trauma caused by nearness to the blast, she was in ICU for more than 2 months under close observation of the medical team treating the blast victims. The blast affected her vision, hearing, speech and movement. She had 54% burns and multiple shrapnel injuries on her body. Her left leg from waist down was declared useless by the doctors who advised amputation, but she fought against it, so they put a rod in it. The rod in her leg makes it difficult to stand for long periods and she is unable to sit on the floor as she cannot bend her left leg. Amrapali has had seven major surgeries, 300 non-surgical procedures, years of hospitalization and a number of painful treatments. Many tiny metal pieces are lurking in various parts of her body, calling for medical attention periodically.