My River My Valentine Event

WE, Punekars, in our sheer desire to see infrastructural development, have knowingly and unknowingly been responsible for today’s deteriorating health condition of our mother rivers – Mula and Mutha. While water is the most valuable natural resource, we have somehow tried to overpower the same, ending up with an extremely neglected and polluted river water at our disposal. The result is a dangerously depleted river flow. We are progressing, no doubt, but at a huge cost of environmental footprint. Immeasurable volumes of sewage, garbage, chemical effluents anddebris are harming our mother rivers.The rivers that have been blessing us for generations themselves need a blessing now.It’s high time we realise their pain and grief of being neglected and treated as a dumping stationfor almost every kind of garbage. On this Valentine’s Day, we at WE Citizens thought of a unique,noble concept of showing our love to our rivers that are like mothers to Punekars. That’s where the idea of My River My Valentine took birth. With this event, our team has brought to the fore a novel concept of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Restoration of Mula and Mutha is of paramount importance today, and nothing is more important to them than returning to their clean, natural condition. Involving our teams, citizens, concerned governing officials and NGOs, the event My River My Valentine commenced with a an aarti blessing both the rivers.
The activities under the event covered an entire stretch of Mula and Mutha. There was an oath taken to promise river conservation, followed by a fashion show that was symbolic, showing us the mirror as how we citizens pollute and deteriorate the rivers.
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