WE Citizens – Making the Difference at Ground Level

As we strive to turn our dream of an ideal society into the reality, all that we look forward to is a helping hand from every element of the society. The aim is to let everyone realise the power of societal collaboration and empower ordinary citizens to initiate a change in society. Over the past three years, the team of volunteers has been extremely active and committed to the objective of WE Citizens. With our strong workforce active at ground level, there are hardly any issues around that would take longer to get resolved.

About the app

Our app has been designed with the sole aim of creating a better society for citizens with the help of every element of the society. The app provides people with a novel socio-civic digital platform that instantly connects citizens with all the concerns societal elements like governing authorities, local politicians, corporates, local businesses and us.

An introduction to our work

In a bid to effectively address infrastructural, and environmental challenges in surroundings, our team gives the priority to raising awareness and driving realisation among the general public. We strongly believe that if the citizens of a local community are well-aware of what has been going wrong in their society that needs to be addressed immediately, that would the first successful move toward our journey to civic betterment.

Building a society with a better place to live and a decent civic sense will require active participation of every element of the society, and we target the same through our work. We help socially conscious citizens to realise their responsible side, and thereby raise and resolve their socio-civic issues to lead a better life. Public education and awareness campaigns, fundraising campaigns, and clean-up drives are only a few of our continuous projects across the city.