WE’s Clean River Movement

No sight matches that of a clean, flowing river. No sound matches thatof a clean, flowing water. This used to be the early morningscene in our very own Pune years ago at the banks of Mula and Mutha. We have however lost the heavenly experience over the years and the sole reason behind the tragedy is we ourselves.In the desire to progress, modernise and achieve so-called development, we havecompletely ignored the health of our mother rivers and lost one of the mostvalued natural resources.

Pune has come a long way in terms of infrastructural developments but at the cost of a massive environmental footprint.One of the most severe impacts includes extremely polluted and neglected rivers.

Heavily increasing encroachment in the surroundings ofrivers and all over the city has sadly caused the flow of rivers to deplete to an unbelievable extent. Tons of garbage, untreated sewage, debris, chemical effluents and a lot more is constantly being dumped into these rivers, which has taken the quality of their water to as low as Class-IV (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board).

Seepage of this extremely contaminated river water is posing serious issues to environment as well as community health. Is this all that we are handing over to the next generations?

WE Citizens has taken the step toward restoration of Mula and Mutha rivers,with an aim to heal them back to their natural condition. It’s high time tojoin our hands with each other and drive the Clean River Movement. Our Clean RiverMovement involves both citizens and governing officials, covering the entire stretch ofMula-Mutha banks. Let take up the responsibility to revive our dying rivers, let’spledge to pass on the cleanest rivers to Pune’s next generations!

Together, WE aims to leave our planet a better place for our coming generations.
– Parag Mate, Founder, WE Citizens